Canesten Topical

Canesten Topical

Canesten Clotrimazole Anti-fungal Topical Solution is an effective anti-fungal solution, ideal for fungal infections of hairy areas and Candidal nail margins.

It contains a broad-spectrum anti-fungal agent with activity against the dermatophytes and yeasts that are associated with fungal infections.

Canesten Clotrimazole Anti-fungal Topical Solution contains Clotrimazole 10 mg/mL.

Size: 20 ml

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Daktarin Spray

Daktarin Spray

Daktarin Spray for Athlete’s Foot

Daktarin spray is a broad spectrum antifungal product. It treats common fungal and candidal skin infections. Daktarin spray provides a cooling effect as it is sprayed on and dries the instant it contacts the skin.

Daktarin spray provides effective treatment for fungal skin conditions including athlete’s foot, jock itch and other tinea or candidal infections.

Size: 100 g

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Daktarin Tincture

Daktarin Tincture

Daktarin Tincture provides effective treatment for fungal infections in the fingernails and toenails.

  • Daktarin tincture is a broad spectrum antifungal product
  • It has been designed for the treatment of fungal nail infections
  • Daktarin tincture penetrates the nail and dries leaving a protective coating
  • Size: 30 ml


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Fisiocrem Solugel

Fisiocrem Solugel

Fisiocrem is an effective, massage cream to care for the muscles and ligaments following injury related to daily activity or intense physical exercise, and for temporary relief of muscular aches and pains.

Fisiocrem uses natural active ingredients to help provide relief for common muscle and back pains resulting from everyday life and sports injuries.

Size: 120g

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Ortho Sleeve

Ortho Sleeve

The FS6 Compression Foot Sleeve has sold millions of units world wide because it’s incredibly effective at relieving the pain of plantar faciitis, chronic arch and heel pain, and swelling in the foot.

Compression Zone Technology in this amazing foot sleeve provides medical grade support for the foot structure and the Achilles tendon, graduated compression to improve circulation and reduce swelling, all in an ultra-comfortable moisture-wicking foot sleeve you can wear under your normal socks and shoes.

FS6 is perfect to wear overnight or throughout the day to relieve heel pain and reduce tired and aching feet.

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Sidas 3 Feet

Sidas 3 Feet

Sidas Foot Company 3Feet® Activ’

  • Insoles tailored to fit your foot type and designed for sports involving a dynamic gait cycle
  • Antibacterial Bamboo Topcover
  • Available in Low, Mid and High arched support
  • Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes
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Walker’s Urea 15

Walker’s Urea 15

  • Urea 15% moisturising foot lotion for very dry skin
  • Suitable for every day use
  • Eliminates dry, cracked heels
  • Softens corns and calluses
  • Easy pump bottle
  • Australian made product
  • Size: 500 ml
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