Knee Pain

Knee Pain

When you finally feel your knees aren’t playing up, your hip becomes uncomfortable or worse, they both become painful.

You may even have generalised hip pain, hip bursitis or even sciatic pain. You may have a history of an arthroscope. Is this you?

We have your same day solution without needing an operation. Knee pain can be debilitating, particularly when walking up and down stairs/hills or on uneven ground.

At Erica Dash Podiatry, we have a podiatrist trained to manage the natural wear of the knee joint or trauma associated with old sporting injuries.

Causes of Knee Pain

Natural wear occurs because we put our weight through the inside aspect of the knee joint (medial knee).

The constant repetition from walking or other weight bearing activity causes the knee to wear down on one side.

This imbalance creates arthritis and further joint instability commonly known as medial knee arthritis.

Medial knee changes create muscle imbalance at the knee and hip.

You will find the ITB, hamstrings and quads (hip and thigh muscles) will tighten resulting in the knee cap grinding on the femur (knee cap not tracking properly).

The muscle tightness will also reflect in the hip causing hip torsion, hip bursitis or even sciatic pain.

At Erica Dash Podiatry we are experienced in managing the natural wear of the medial knee (even old sporting injuries).

We compensate the natural wear by retraining the foot through orthotic therapy. These orthotics are customised and delivered on the same day and can fit a large range of footwear (court shoes, joggers and sandals).

No one will know you are wearing them, not even you!

Knee Pain Treatments

    Shockwave Therapy

    Shockwave is a great alternative to treatments such as dry needling if you’re needle phobic and not keen on dry needling. We also have effective treatment offers for kids.

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    If you experience foot, knee or leg pain in your daily activities then a professionally fitted custom orthotic could be the answer to your foot problems.

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    Dry Needling

    Dry needle therapy can be very effective in treating a range of conditions including chronic muscle pain, neuromuscular problems, and sports injuries.

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