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Common Conditions

Here at Erica Dash we help effectively identify and treat common foot problems at the root to ensure you can carry on with your life pain free.

Toes & Nails

Suffering from pigeon toes, clubfeet, bunions, ingrown toenails or fungal nails? Our expert podiatrists can treat all toe and nail conditions.

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We find solutions for all your foot problems ranging from Achilles tendonitis and heel spurs to overpronation issues and sporting injuries.

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Damaged ligaments and problems with foot mobility can be a pain. We’ll get you on your feet again with the latest treatments.

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Our expert podiatrists have the solutions for shin splints, knee pain, muscle fatigue or for anyone simply wanting greater mobility.

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Are arthritis, old sporting injuries or general knee pain getting you down?  We have truly effective solutions for you.

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Hip & Pelvis

Hip and pelvis pain or stiffness can often be triggered by foot and lower leg problems. We specialise in restoring pain free mobility.

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We provide specialised custom orthotics and footwear services to alleviate mobility issues, general pain and sports injuries.

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