Club Foot (Talipes)

What is Club Foot?

Clubfoot is a range of abnormalities in the foot region that is usually present upon a baby’s birth in which the foot is twisted out of position.

The muscles in the foot connected to the bone are considerably shorter than usual causing issues and pain.

Symptoms of Club Foot

The foot bending downwards and the ankle inwards is the obvious symptom of clubfoot. This distinguishes it from pigeon toes.

Clubfoot is another common foot deformity present from birth. The condition may affect one or both feet and the severity ranges from mild to severe. At its most severe, the clubfoot is completely rigid.

The deformed foot can be extremely uncomfortable to walk on and the ungainly walking style may cause embarrassment to your child.

This unhealthy gait places great stress on other joints in the body such as the knees and hips and may also cause pain in these areas.

Causes & Treatment

Clubfoot affects as many as one in 1000 births, according to the U.S National Library of Medicine. The cause remains unknown but it is believed to heredity with males more likely to be affected.

It is important to diagnose and treat clubfoot early in order to prevent complications. Erica Dash Podiatry can provide supportive remedial measures to help correct this deformity and give your child relief from pain.

These may include:

  • Gentle manipulation of the feet to correct the foot shape
  • Moulded orthotics
  • Exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles and tendons in the feet

Pigeon toes, intoeing and clubfoot are not the end of the world although it may feel like it to your child.

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